Tuesday, May 4, 2010


As I heated up lunch today, I was again thinking of how grateful I am
(and wish I was) for all the Lord provides. It feels impossible to
not take for granted the fact that I'll have decent (at a minimum)
meals available to me everyday, whenever I want them. How much would
have to change for me to be without a meal? Even if I lost the great
job the Lord has provided for me, there's still the bank account that
He has entrusted to me. And if that dried up, then there's the
friends, family, and church body the Lord has graciously given to me.
And I realized just how far from the reality of starving I really am;
seriously, that's a lot of levels to go through before I'm on the
street begging. I hope and pray I don't take it for granted and
assume I deserve any of it; I haven't done a thing except accept Him.
I won't dare delve into why there are poor and hungry people in
abundance. I guess I hope as well that I don't forget that this
provision isn't just "all for me." God is good.

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