Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Flowers from God

Imagine a husband coming home with a dozen tulips, giving them to his wife, and saying “I love you.” Now imagine the wife turning for her purse and getting money to pay for the gift. How do you think the husband would feel?

God loves us freely, thanks to the price paid by Jesus Christ. He showers us with love and gifts. I know I have a hard time receiving them. My first reaction is, “Well, I must it give away to others” or “I must do something out of response.” To just sit there and receive God’s gifts is so hard. I feel like the wife turning for her purse. Perhaps it’s still a humility issue, I don’t know. Perhaps as well I don’t trust that I will respond “the way I’m supposed to” if I just receive and stop there. But I know that isn’t true. Letting God shape and fill me will lead to an overflow of His goodness in me. Sigh.

God is good. I’m still learning how to receive His love. In light of recent world events, I’ve been more prone to quickly say “Why me?” when getting His gifts. But that question implies “Why do I deserve it?”, which is falsely loaded. We don’t deserve it. We’re not given flowers because we earned them. We’re given flowers because He loves us.